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Breakfast ( until 11:30)

Get your day started with a good breakfast. Our menu is designed for fast preparation to get your meal ready in minutes!

"Egger" Breakfast Sandwiches

Our breakfast sandwiches start with a large Canada Grade “A” egg, fried to perfection and topped with Monterey & Cheddar cheese. You pick your filling and we will serve on our toasted Signature Hamburger Bun.



Black Forest Ham 

Denver Sandwich 


Toast & Jam

Choose your bread: Sourdough, Multi Grain, Whole Wheat or White.



We bake our very own muffins each day and the selection varies. Choose from Apple Crumble, Chocolate Chip, Mix berry Bran, Blueberry.


Bagel & Cream Cheese


Lunch (All day)

We offer a variety of sandwich selections made to order with premium fillings and bread selections. All lunch items include a cup of soup from our daily home-made creations.

Classic Sandwiches

Our classic sandwiches come complete with lettuce, tomatoes & sprouts. Choose your bread: Sourdough, Multi Grain, Whole Wheat or White.

Egg Salad

Tuna Salad 


Black Forest Ham 

Signature Roast Beef 

Oven Roast Turkey 

"Veggie" Lover

The "Clubhouse" 



GRILLED Sandwiches

For a warm sandwich option, we offer a selection of sandwiches that are grilled to perfection with cheese that melts for added warmth & flavor.

"Canadian Cheddar" Cheese 

...with Ham 

...with Bacon & Tomato

...with Roast Beef & Tomato 

"Swiss" Cheese Sandwich 

...with Ham & Pineapple

...with Turkey & Cranberry

Rueben Sandwich 

Toasted Subs

Our Premium Toasted Subs contain the best quality ingredients and are served in a warm toasted Steak Bun.

Philly Cheese Steak (Roast Beef, Chicken Breast or Fresh Roasted Turkey) 

Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms sautéed with your choice of meat and melted Monterey & Cheddar.

BBQ Chicken 

Grilled Chicken Breast with BBQ sauce & onions topped with lettuce.

Italian Deli 

Cervelat Salami warmed with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and Italian dressing.


Eight Meatballs & Marinara sauce fill the entire bun. There is a little room for cheese…….

Soups and Salads

Tossed Salad

Chef Salad

Homemade Soup (Made in House Daily!) - Choose a Cup or a Bowl




Brewed Coffee$2.00$2.25
Caramel Macchiato$3.95$4.95
Hot Chocolate$3.00$3.50

Shot of Espresso $2.00

Shot of Syrup $0.60

Iced Mocha$3.95$4.95
Ice Latte$3.95$4.95
Mocha Frappuccino$4.05$5.05



We offer a wide selection of traditional leaf & herbal tea for your enjoyment.


Canned Beverages

We offer a wide selection of carbonated soda pop beverages for your refreshment.


Bottled Beverages

We offer a wide selection of specialty beverages to quench your thirst. We proudly serve a large selection of Snapple, Power/Energy Drinks, and Chocolate Milk.


Fruit Juice or V8 / $1.60